A collection of best topic ideas for an essay about pop culture

Need ideas for pop culture academic writing? There are everyday things all around you posing as potential ideas, yet the idea of choosing one idea can be tricky. There are various aspects of pop culture to think about when choosing a final idea. Think about resources necessary for research and what content is acceptable according to project guidelines. It helps to get an example of what you can write about from your instructor. Here are some tips and writing prompts to encourage original essay ideas.

Sample Ideas

Using samples offer a general idea of what to aim for. Brainstorming is a common action to do when seeking an original idea. The subject of pop culture can bring all kinds of ideas to your mind. The key is to write them down as they come up and go over them. Eliminate those with the least interest and consider research options. Stick with what you know and give yourself time developing ideas to work with. Need more inspiration to develop original pop culture essay topic ideas? Here is a list of writing prompts to help you get started.

  1. Why are Harry Potter books so popular?
  2. Popular art pieces by Andy Warhol.
  3. Why is hip hop music popular among different cultures?
  4. Which religion has been most affected by pop culture trends?
  5. Music from the 70s and how it influenced 90s music.
  6. Differences in middle and high class and reasons why it is divided.
  7. Why Mickey Mouse is popular among different parts of the world.
  8. How media inspires pop culture.
  9. Old pop culture trends people still talk about.
  10. Comparing pop culture trends of the 1980s and 2000s.

More Topic Ideas

Working on an original idea for your paper can be challenging, but there are helpful writing sources that can assist you while coming up with great ideas. You will know you have a good idea to work with when you have multiple notes or ideas gathered from it. After researching the idea you settled with, you should have enough information to write a paper meeting academic expectations required. Stuck on what to write about or how to come up with your own ideas? It is easy to find out more so you can get started writing your paper.

Writing Guides