Settle for a topic that has a lot of information

It may be daunting to complete a paper if you have to go from one site to another or even visit the library to get the right information. For this reason, go through different topics available and the sources at your disposal and finally identify the type that has a lot of data.

Eliminate all the distractions

You cannot complete your paper overnight if you are still chatting with your friends on FaceBook and other social media platforms. You will also not be successful if your working desk is cluttered with many items that are unrelated to the task at hand. You must therefore get rid of anything that distracts as you write.

Come up with clear goals

With a 24 hour deadline or less, you may want to come up with a blue print of what should be done within every hour. Ensure that there is time for rest and taking some beverage to awaken your senses. The goals should also be realistic and thus, you must gauge your writing speed and ability to go through various sources and understand the concepts.

How to Make a Good Essay Overnight?